Tips for New Cuphead Players

Posted by Mat on 4th October, 2017

Some people are calling Cuphead, the delightful hand-animated character-shooter from Studio MDHR, the most difficult game of the year. I wouldn’t let that stop you from giving it a try, there’s no reason to be scared. Cuphead can absolutely be conquered if you try out some of the following tips:

Remap the buttons
I’ve found that Cuphead became so much easier after mapping Shoot to the controller’s Right Trigger, meaning I can continue to attack permanently, while still being able to jump and dash as needed. That change lessens at least one bit of input-based complication. Try remapping all the controls and see which set-up is most comfortable for you!

Parrying attacks raises your super meter quicker
It’s not just a good way to show off! If you’re able to perform a Parry in the air on any pink target you’ll gain a free usage of your special move! This should let you take out bosses even quicker!

Just already be good at the video game
This one should be easy: just don’t be bad at Cuphead. Go into the game already fully, innately, understanding the mechanics and patterns. You’ll excel. You’ll really speed up the process of reaction and prediction if you know what’s coming and how to avoid taking any damage. Try to understand every boss’s attack animations before you’ve even seen them. Know the path of every enemy without ever having walked in their way. Be one with the video game. Merge your mind and heart with the controller. Ascend to Digital Valhalla.

Visit the shop
Useful items can be purchased in the shop which make your movements have different properties. I recommend the Ghost Dash, to allow you to take less damage when dodging!

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