Spoilercast: Bioshock Infinite

Posted by Mat on 4th April, 2013

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3 Responses to “Spoilercast: Bioshock Infinite”

  1. coolfurby says:

    tom is right/.
    tomis rig ht.

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  3. SnifflyWhale says:

    I actually really didn’t like this game. It was mainly the lulls which ruined it for me.

    Not sure where to start. How about the start. Maybe I’m really oblivious, but I actually didn’t notice any of the music the other people who play this game rave about. I’m not sure whether that’s a failing of my ability to play the game or a failing in the game that I managed to miss every single one.

    Next, the jumps. Again, it might just be me, but when a story jumps to an alternate universe, I just want to get back to the original universe. I didn’t care about this Columbia. I wanted to go back to *my* Columbia. It ripped me out of the story.

    And the Lutece twins just frustrated me. It was like the writers were laughing at me for not getting it through these characters.

    And the ending. I read a review where the reviewer said that after they finished Bioshock, they went for a walk, wheras after they finished Infinite, they went to an internet forum. I had the same reaction. The story seems very appealing to writers, and it seems it was written with writers in mind, making the story rather self-indulgent IMO.

    When it comes to the gameplay, the fights feel awkward and kinda rushed design-wise. The enemies seemed like bullet-sponges, especially those bloody firemen. I sucked at this game, and again I’m completely unsure if it’s my fault or the game’s.

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