Some Cool Comments From A Reddit Thread About Anita Sarkeesian

Posted by Mat on 28th January, 2013

Tropes Vs Women might as well not even come out. Just the notion of it existing and the mobilised reaction against it does enough to make a greater argument about the horrible swamp we call gaming culture. What the initial Kickstarter project offered was a glimpse into the negative portrayal of women in video games, what we’ve gotten instead is self-provided proof of rampant misogyny within the gaming audience.

The project was funded far beyond the requested total due to an increased level of awareness stemming from the negative backlash. The massive backing made it clear enough that an audience were ready for this kind of content, the continued level of vitriol toward the creator showed that we absolutely need it. Now, every day that passes without a single episode, contempt for the project grows in presumed acceptability. One of the top threads in the Reddit gaming section means to inform readers about Sarkeesian’s inability to produce content in an arbitrarily decided timeframe.

Here are some quotes from it collected to suggest the necessity of the project, even if it never actually emerges:

There is no agenda to keep women out of games she is just on the receiving end of backlash for ignorantly attcking video games like some Ann Coulter wanna be.
I love her intro she uses her martyrdom as both a sympathy ploy AND credentials into why she is an expert.
and then she continues on her wholly one sided rant by only pointing out women over sexualization in videogames, completely ignoring that overly sexualized men are represented at a ratio of 20 to 1 over women in videogames.
Ignore this chick, she has nothing constructive to say, she is just trying to build a career out of slut shaming the videogame industry.
So she can discredit me – “She needs some deep dick’n”

…she is not really a gamer. if she was, she wouldn’t even need money to buy those games, she would’ve played most of them already throughout her life like most of us did. she also bought those games in a hurry without much research so she can pose for that photo with a pile of games. she didn’t want to take that money and then buy games slowly researching each one. also if she was for real, she would’ve donated most of that money because she doesn’t need that much to do this work. of course she wouldn’t donate it though. she’s a fake fuck.

professional victim, con artist, manipulator. Sounds like a real catch.

Her arguments are flawed. Her self-pity is sickening. I feel sorry for the armies of nerds who are so inexperienced socially they’d give nearly everything they owned away just for a chance at a woman who looked like this.
If I was walking down the street & she approached me asking to donate money to her “cause” on kickstarter I’d laugh in her fucking face and walk on.
Grow some fucking balls.

Correction: even if she did produce content with the money, you STILL got fleeced.

 Giving money to a woman just because she’s female or “because boobs” or “because vagina” makes you a pathetic white knight, and you deserve to be ripped off for not knowing better. women do NOT deserve a charity ride through life just because of their gender. A feminist of all people should agree with that and not have taken the handouts when every other gamer buys their own shit. 

I wish people would stop calling this woman a feminist. She’s not a feminist. She’s an idiot.

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  1. phoebe says:

    my favorite bit is where he thinks there being 20 men to every 1 woman means men are being discriminated against

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