Minecraft Lego Sets: A Tale

Posted by Mat on 5th December, 2011

Let me paint this likely scene:

A Mother and Son visit a department store; the mother has coerced the boy into waiting in the toy section while she goes elsewhere to try on clothes for a party. The son is highly creative, he plays a lot of Minecraft after school and enjoys the almost limitless potential he has for making structures entirely of his own design.

He spots the Minecraft lego in the corner of his eye, right next to the Star Wars and Harry Potter sets. This is the Minecraft he knows from the computer, but it’s in real life! He could give a Lego man a pickaxe and then mine for iron ore! He could build a carting track that stretches across his room! He could build a new house outside the one he lives in!

When his Mum comes back he pleads with her, he says that this is all he’ll want for birthdays and Christmases for the next two years. She asks him why she should pay extra for something that he can play forever for free on his computer. He counters with adeptly persuasive “but muuuuuuuuuum”. She relents, bettered by a far more cunning argument.

They return home, he rips open the box right away and creates a small biome with stone and assorted metals beneath two layers of dirt. His Lego-Steve scours the environment looking for coal so that better items can be forged. The coal is found, but it dawns on the child that this coal cannot be transformed into anything else. The coal block will always remain a coal block. He has no incentive to mine for anything.

He decides to try his hand at building instead, but the shade of wood he has from the box’s trees isn’t quite right and he can’t exchange it for 4 blocks of a better colour. Not only that, but there aren’t enough blocks in the set to make the most rudimentary of houses to hide from the single creeper and skeleton included with the packaging.

The boy, realising that his toy set is almost useless, is heartbroken. His visions of grand structures are dashed before they’ve begun. His sadness is not long lasting, for he quickly remembers that he has another option. Clearing away the now useless blocks he tells himself:  “Oh well: I guess I’m going back to playing the game on the computer, y’know, where I can do pretty much anything I want?”

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  1. Lego Minecraft, coming to the 360 and PS3 in 2012.

  2. Tom says:

    Isn’t the whole point of Lego to use your imagination?

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