Look Out! (November 25th)

Posted by Mat on 25th November, 2012

We like good games writing and so should you. Here’s a wrap up of things you might like from this week.

Hitman Absolution was released to universal acclaim! Absolutely no one had anything negative to say about it! Except for everyone who did. MCV made what can nicely be surmised as a Faux Pas and more accurately described as A Bit Of A Fuck Up. Mike Rose at Independently Speaking talks about why this is a problem while The PA Report discusses the aftermath.

Speaking of which, Kotaku have a nice base-level critique of Hitman Absolution‘s more problematic sources of humour. We offered our own discussion on Hitman here.

Did you hear? No one is good at discussing games critically. Helen Lewis would have you believe we’ve learned nothing and haven’t done a day of work since Kieron Gillen uprooted himself.

Borderhouse wade into this week’s most important release, Boyfriend Maker. Mattie Brice stares deeply into the absurdity and finds gold there.

Cool piece from Nightmare Mode about Anna Anthropy’s Dys4ia being used to teach a class on oppression.

Not an article, but here’s a collage of games where the first level is an empty box. Let’s learn from this.

In the UK, games come out on a Friday, in the US they come on on Tuesday. Eurogamer explain everything.

Patrica Hernandez keeps providing inspiring work. Here’s a feature she wrote for RPS about Fallout 2 and grappling with gender identity.

Hey. Pay for these:

Brendan Keogh wrote a 100+ page critical reading of Spec Ops: The Line. I put a bow on it last night and can confirm: Absolutely worth the price (and it’ll make you want to play Spec Ops: The Line again).

Plus 5 out of 10 magazine launched this week! It’s very nice looking and there are words inside!

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