Good Bye, My Love: @petermolydeux’s Account Is Suspended

Posted by Mat on 23rd November, 2011

We’ve now one less reason to use twitter. Parody superstar @petermolydeux has inexplicably dropped off the face of the internet.

In case you’re unclear, the account was a consistently hilarious lampooning of Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios’ Peter Molyneux. ‘Deux would copy Peter’s penchant for dramatic game pitches and overconfidence in his ideas. He’s best known for throwing out ideas like giving the player a house made of guns and a choice to provide shelter for his children or defend them from aliens. One of his ideas, where a meteor is crashing into earth and your goal is to say goodbye to your loved ones, has even been turned into an actual game.

Reasons for the loss are based entirely on conjecture at this point. The likely cause for suspension was due to the account not complying with twitter’s policy on parody accounts, though we can’t currently be sure.

Everyone at ON!VG! hopes this issue is quickly resolved. If the account is unable to be reinstated, we’d settle for an equivalent spiritual successor.

Thanks to @chrisremo for the heads up.

3 Responses to “Good Bye, My Love: @petermolydeux’s Account Is Suspended”

  1. Tom says:

    It is the saddest thing. I’ve never seen the twitter video game community this united.

  2. Throwthegnome (Brandon) says:

    This is horrible. I loved that account.

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