Feminist Frequency and The Assholes That Hate It

Posted by Mat on 8th June, 2012
I'm thinking of just starting a "This Week In Misogyny" feature.

If you’re ever in need of a quick deconstruction of gender roles in media, Anita Sarkeesian has you covered. Her YouTube channel  Feminist Frequency contains a regularly updated series of lectures that cover all instances of popular culture and provide information on the ways women are marginalised.

Her videos make great points that are difficult to disagree with, offer enough information for a decent glimpse at issues without being overwhelming, but also provide enough sourcing for you to do more research in your own time.

Anita put together a Kickstarter recently in order to fund a larger series that specifically examines the way women are represented in video games. We’re all about this; we love video games. It’s a noble pursuit, especially given the way that women have been marginalised in the last few days alone.

I tried putting a similar piece together closer to the Kickstarter’s launch, but settled on mentioning it within one of our shows instead. Some coverage on Destructoid lead to some hilarious misunderstandings about Feminism’s core principles and rhetoric like “Men can’t wear Skirts without being laughed at! Men are clearly way more marginalised”.

At the time it was a novel throwaway about a minority of an audience misunderstanding something and it leading to hilarity.

That’s not what I’m showing off today.

Hey everyone: Have fun reading all of these.

For every venomous anti-feminist comment you’ll read in there, you’ll see another example of why the work that Anita is doing is so important. We need more places we can reference that easily display problems to the people that need to learn the most.

Kick Anita a few more dollars. Make a step toward fixing sexism forever.

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